Long-term objectives
of our company

Creating business results that will contribute to further development of the company and recognition with the satisfaction of employees and business partners.

About us

Summa-con d.o.o. was founded in 2017 with the primary activity of manufacturing metal structures and their parts.

The business of the company is based on meeting the needs of business partners for human resources (company “external partner”) in the Croatian and foreign markets, as well as certification of systems and personnel in the field of welding and training to work with materials and machines that require additional training.


Through the cohesion of system certification services, staff training and support to complement the capacity of human resources, our clients become a reference and recognized company with the aim of promoting technological advancement and long-term sustainability.


Through trust relationships, ensure the development and maintenance of stable and long-term business relationships with partners by promoting quality standards in the field of welding, engineering and certification of business systems and processes with a focus on strengthening the market position by implementing knowledge and experience.

Organizations with a human resources deficit in the field of welding and locksmithing, and organizations and companies with the need to certify systems and personnel according to specialized standards may be pointed out as the target market.